Softavir – Antivirus for Windows based on Whitelists

SoftAvir is a security tool that ensures complete protection for your computer by creating a whitelist. The user select the only programs that can be run avoiding in this way the execution of any other unwanted program.

How does it work?

Softavir is the first antimalware solution that relies operation in advanced cryptographic whitelisting technology.

After installed, the user must add the programs that can be run. Softavir will not allow the execution of any program that has not been added to the list (including viruses, tojans and other malware).

Who is it for?

Softavir is recommended to Microsoft Windows users. The current version is compatible with Microsoft Windows x86 operating systems. Soon will come out a version for Microsoft Windows x64 operating systems.

Main advantages:

  • 100% protection against new threats.
  • Does not require updates.
  • Improved software management.
  • Easy maintenance of your equipment.
  • Avoids the need of regular formatting.

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