LinSSID – Graphical wireless scanning for Linux (similar to Inssider)

LinSSID is graphically and functionally similar to Inssider (Microsoft™ Windows®). It is written in C++ using Linux wireless tools, Qt5, and Qwt 6.1.
LinSSID may be installed either by downloading source or binary from this site, or if you’re using Debian/Ubuntu or one of its brethren, adding a ppa to your software sources and then installing it with your favorite application manager. The ppa is:
(substitute ‘precise’, ‘quantal’, ‘raring’, ‘saucy’, ‘trusty’ or ‘utopic’ for ‘myversion’)
Builds are available for amd64 and i386. Please report problems on the ‘discussion’ tab.
Version 2.2 and above now built on Qt5 using version 6.1 of the Qwt library, based on a ‘trusty’ development environment. Several small bugs have been fixed and there is now a status message in the top panel.
LinSSID is not bug-free. If you find one please report it on the discussion page and let’s fix it.

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