Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 731-740

This kind of attack will let you assume a users identity at a dynamically generated web page or site:
A. SQL Injection
B. Cross Site Scripting
C. Session Hijacking
D. Zone Transfer
Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users. Examples of such code include HTML code and client-side scripts. An exploited cross-site scripting vulnerability can be used by attackers to bypass access controls such as the same origin policy.
____________ will let you assume a users identity at a dynamically generated web page or site.
A. SQL attack
B. Injection attack
C. Cross site scripting
D. The shell attack
E. Winzapper
Cross site scripting is also referred to as XSS or CSS. You must know the user is online and you must scam that user into clicking on a link that you have sent in order for this hack attack to work.
What is Form Scalpel used for?
A. Dissecting HTML Forms
B. Dissecting SQL Forms
C. Analysis of Access Database Forms
D. Troubleshooting Netscape Navigator
E. Quatro Pro Analysis Tool
Form Scalpel automatically extracts forms from a given web page and splits up all fields for editing and manipulation.
Bubba has just accessed he preferred ecommerce web site and has spotted an item that he would like to buy. Bubba considers the price a bit too steep. He looks at the source code of the webpage and decides to save the page locally, so that he can modify the page variables. In the context of web application security, what do you think Bubba has changes?
A. A hidden form field value.
B. A hidden price value.
C. An integer variable.
D. A page cannot be changed locally,as it is served by a web server.
Take a look at the following attack on a Web Server using obstructed URL:
The request is made up of:
How would you protect information systems from these attacks?
A. Configure Web Server to deny requests involving Unicode characters.
B. Create rules in IDS to alert on strange Unicode requests.
C. Use SSL authentication on Web Servers.
D. Enable Active Scripts Detection at the firewall and routers.
This is a typical Unicode attack. By configuring your IDS to trigger on strange Unicode requests you can protect your web-server from this type of attacks.
What are the differences between SSL and S-HTTP?
A. SSL operates at the network layer and S-HTTP operates at the application layer
B. SSL operates at the application layer and S-HTTP operates at the network layer
C. SSL operates at the transport layer and S-HTTP operates at the application layer
D. SSL operates at the application layer and S-HTTP operates at the transport layer
The main difference between the protocols is the layer at which they operate. SSL operates at the transport layer and mimics the “socket library,” while S-HTTP operates at the application layer. Encryption of the transport layer allows SSL to be application-independent,while S-HTTP is limited to the specific software implementing it. The protocols adopt different philosophies towards encryption as well,with SSL encrypting the entire communications channel and S-HTTP encrypting each message independently.
Kevin sends an email invite to Chris to visit a forum for security professionals. Chris clicks on the link in the email message and is taken to a web based bulletin board. Unknown to Chris, certain functions are executed on his local system under his privileges, which allow Kevin access to information used on the BBS. However, no executables are downloaded and run on the local system. What would you term this attack?
A. Phishing
B. Denial of Service
C. Cross Site Scripting
D. Backdoor installation
This is a typical Type-1 Cross Site Scripting attack. This kind of cross-site scripting hole is also referred to as a non-persistent or reflected vulnerability,and is by far the most common type. These holes show up when data provided by a web client is used immediately by server-side scripts to generate a page of results for that user. If unvalidated user-supplied data is included in the resulting page without HTML encoding,this will allow client-side code to be injected into the dynamic page. A classic example of this is in site search engines: if one searches for a string which includes some HTML special characters,often the search string will be redisplayed on the result page to indicate what was searched for,or will at least include the search terms in the text box for easier editing. If all occurrences of the search terms are not HTML entity encoded,an XSS hole will result.
Bill has successfully executed a buffer overflow against a Windows IIS web server. He has been able to spawn an interactive shell and plans to deface the main web page. He first attempts to use the “echo” command to simply overwrite index.html and remains unsuccessful. He then attempts to delete the page and achieves no progress. Finally, he tries to overwrite it with another page in which also he remains unsuccessful. What is the probable cause of Bill’s problem?
A. You cannot use a buffer overflow to deface a web page
B. There is a problem with the shell and he needs to run the attack again
C. The HTML file has permissions of read only
D. The system is a honeypot
Which of the following statements best describes the term Vulnerability?
A. A weakness or error that can lead to a compromise
B. An agent that has the potential to take advantage of a weakness
C. An action or event that might prejudice security
D. The loss potential of a threat.
Answer: A
 Vulnerabilities are all weaknesses that can be exploited.
Bob is a very security conscious computer user. He plans to test a site that is known to have malicious applets, code, and more. Bob always make use of a basic Web Browser to perform such testing.
Which of the following web browser can adequately fill this purpose?
A. Internet Explorer
B. Mozila
C. Lynx
D. Tiger
Lynx is a program used to browse the World Wide Web,which works on simple text terminals,rather than requiring a graphical computer display terminal.

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