Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 521-530

User which Federal Statutes does FBI investigate for computer crimes involving e-mail scams and mail fraud?
A. 18 U.S.C 1029 Possession of Access Devices
B. 18 U.S.C 1030 Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
C. 18 U.S.C 1343 Fraud by wire,radio or television
D. 18 U.S.C 1361 Injury to Government Property
E. 18 U.S.C 1362 Government communication systems
F. 18 U.S.C 1831 Economic Espionage Act
G. 18 U.S.C 1832 Trade Secrets Act
Which of the following activities will NOT be considered as passive footprinting?
A. Go through the rubbish to find out any information that might have been discarded.
B. Search on financial site such as Yahoo Financial to identify assets.
C. Scan the range of IP address found in the target DNS database.
D. Perform multiples queries using a search engine.
Which one of the following is defined as the process of distributing incorrect Internet Protocol (IP) addresses/names with the intent of diverting traffic?
A. Network aliasing
B. Domain Name Server (DNS) poisoning
C. Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
D. Port scanning
A XYZ security System Administrator is reviewing the network system log files.
He notes the following:
-Network log files are at 5 MB at 12:00 noon. -At 14:00 hours,the log files at 3 MB.
What should he assume has happened and what should he do about the situation?
A. He should contact the attackeros ISP as soon as possible and have the connection disconnected.
B. He should log the event as suspicious activity,continue to investigate,and take further steps according to site security policy.
C. He should log the file size,and archive the information,because the router crashed.
D. He should run a file system check,because the Syslog server has a self correcting file system problem.
E. He should disconnect from the Internet discontinue any further unauthorized use,because an attack has taken place.
To what does pmessage repudiationq refer to what concept in the realm of email security?
A. Message repudiation means a user can validate which mail server or servers a message was passed through.
B. Message repudiation means a user can claim damages for a mail message that damaged their reputation.
C. Message repudiation means a recipient can be sure that a message was sent from a particular person.
D. Message repudiation means a recipient can be sure that a message was sent from a certain host.
E. Message repudiation means a sender can claim they did not actually send a particular message.
Snort has been used to capture packets on the network. On studying the packets, the penetration tester finds it to be abnormal. If you were the penetration tester, why would you find this abnormal?
What is odd about this attack? (Choose the most appropriate statement)
A. This is not a spoofed packet as the IP stack has increasing numbers for the three flags.
B. This is back orifice activity as the scan comes from port 31337.
C. The attacker wants to avoid creating a sub-carrier connection that is not normally valid.
D. There packets were created by a tool; they were not created by a standard IP stack.
Your XYZ trainee Sandra asks you which are the four existing Regional Internet Registry (RIR’s)?
A very useful resource for passively gathering information about a target company is: A. Host scanning
B. Whois search
C. Traceroute
D. Ping sweep
Answer: B
You receive an email with the following message:
Hello Steve,
We are having technical difficulty in restoring user database record after the recent blackout. Your account data is corrupted. Please logon to the and change your password.
If you do not reset your password within 7 days, your account will be permanently disabled locking you out from our e-mail services.
Technical Support
From this e-mail you suspect that this message was sent by some hacker since you have been using their e-mail services for the last 2 years and they have never sent out an e-mail such as this. You also observe the URL in the message and confirm your suspicion about 0xde.0xad.0xbde.0xef which looks like hexadecimal numbers. You immediately enter the following at Windows 2000 command prompt:
Ping 0xde.0xad.0xbe.0xef
You get a response with a valid IP address.
What is the obstructed IP address in the e-mail URL?
Which of the following tools are used for footprinting? (Choose four)
A. Sam Spade
B. NSLookup
C. Traceroute
D. Neotrace
E. Cheops
Answer: A,B,C,D

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