Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 501-510

At a Windows Server command prompt, which command could be used to.list the running services?
A. Sc query type= running
B. Sc query \servername
C. Sc query
D. Sc config
Answer: C  
Which of the following is optimized for confidential communications, such as bidirectional voice and video?
A. RC4
B. RC5
C. MD4
D. MD5
The use of alert thresholding in an IDS can reduce the volume of repeated alerts, but introduces which of the following vulnerabilities?
A. An attacker,working slowly enough,can evade detection by the IDS.
B. Network packets are dropped if the volume exceeds the threshold.
C. Thresholding interferes with the IDSo ability to reassemble fragmented packets.
D. The IDS will not distinguish among packets originating from different sources.
Which of the following is considered an acceptable option when managing a risk?
A. Reject the risk.
B. Deny the risk.
C. Mitigate the risk.
D. Initiate the risk.
A person approaches a network administrator and wants advice on how to send encrypted email from home. The end user does not want to have to pay for any license fees or manage server services. Which of the following is the most secure encryption protocol that the network administrator should recommend?
A. IP Security (IPSEC)
B. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
C. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
D. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS)
__________ is found in all versions of NTFS and is described as the ability to fork file data into existing files without affecting their functionality, size, or display to traditional file browsing utilities like dir or Windows Explorer
A. Alternate Data Streams
B. Merge Streams
C. Steganography
D. NetBIOS vulnerability
A company is legally liable for the content of email that is sent from its systems, regardless of whether the message was sent for private or business-related purposes. This could lead to prosecution for the sender and for the company’s directors if, for example, outgoing email was found to contain material that was pornographic, racist, or likely to incite someone to commit an act of terrorism. You can always defend yourself by “ignorance of the law” clause.
A. true
B. false
Paul has just finished setting up his wireless network. He has enabled numerous security features such as changing the default SSID, enabling WPA encryption, and enabling MAC filtering on his wireless router. Paul notices that when he uses his wireless connection, the speed is sometimes 54 Mbps and sometimes it is only 24Mbps or less. Paul connects to his wireless router’s management utility and notices that a machine with an unfamiliar name is connected through his wireless connection. Paul checks the router’s logs and notices that the unfamiliar machine has the same MAC address as his laptop. What is Paul seeing here?
A. MAC spoofing
B. Macof
C. ARP spoofing
D. DNS spoofing
What two things will happen if a router receives an ICMP packet, which has a TTL value of 1, and the destination host is several hops away? (Select 2 answers)
A. The router will discard the packet
B. The router will decrement the TTL value and forward the packet to the next router on the path to the destination host
C. The router will send a time exceeded message to the source host
D. The router will increment the TTL value and forward the packet to the next router on the path to the destination host.
E. The router will send an ICMP Redirect Message to the source host
Answer: A,C 
Which of the following LM hashes represents a password of less than 8 characters?
A. 0182BD0BD4444BF836077A718CCDF409
B. 44EFCE164AB921CQAAD3B435B51404EE
C. BA810DBA98995F1817306D272A9441BB
D. CEC52EB9C8E3455DC2265B23734E0DAC
E. B757BF5C0D87772FAAD3B435B51404EE
F. E52CAC67419A9A224A3B108F3FA6CB6D
Answer: C,E 

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