Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 461-470

A tester has been using the attack script to execute arbitrary commands on a Windows NT4 web server. While it is effective, the tester finds it tedious to perform extended functions.
On further research, the tester come across a perl script that runs the following msadc functions:system(“perl -h $host -C “echo open $your >testfile””);.
Which exploit is indicated by this script?
A. A buffer overflow exploit
B. A chained exploit
C. A SQL injection exploit
D. A denial of service exploit
When setting up a wireless network, an administrator.enters.a pre-shared key for security. Which of the following is true?
A. The key entered is a symmetric key used to encrypt the wireless data.
B. The key entered is a hash that is used to prove the integrity of the wireless data.
C. The key entered is based on the Diffie-Hellman method.
D. The key is an RSA key used to encrypt the wireless data.
Which of the following defines the role of a root Certificate Authority (CA) in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?
A. The root CA is the recovery agent used to encrypt data when a user’s certificate is lost.
B. The root CA stores the user’s hash value for safekeeping.
C. The CA is the trusted root that issues certificates.
D. The root CA is used to encrypt email messages to prevent unintended disclosure of data.
Firewalk has just completed the second phase (the scanning phase) and a technician receives the output shown below. What conclusions can be drawn based on these scan results?.TCP port 21 Ƀ no response.TCP port 22 Ƀ no response.TCP port 23 Ƀ Time-to-live exceeded
A. The firewall itself is blocking ports 21 through 23 and a service is listening on port 23 of the target host.
B. The lack of response from ports 21 and 22 indicate that those services are not running on the destination server.
C. The scan on port 23 passed through the filtering device. This indicates that port 23 was not blocked at the firewall.
D. The scan on port 23 was able to make a connection to the destination host prompting the firewall to respond with a TTL error.
A security engineer has been asked to deploy a secure remote access solution that will allow employees to connect to the companyos internal network. Which of the following can be implemented to minimize the opportunity for the man-in-the-middle attack to occur?
B. Mutual authentication
C. IPSec
D. Static IP addresses
What results will the following command yielD. ‘NMAP -sS -O -p 123-153′?
A. A stealth scan,opening port 123 and 153
B. A stealth scan,checking open ports 123 to 153
C. A stealth scan,checking all open ports excluding ports 123 to 153
D. A stealth scan,determine operating system,and scanning ports 123 to 153
Which of the following network attacks takes advantage of weaknesses in the fragment reassembly functionality of the TCP/IP protocol stack?
A. Teardrop
B. SYN flood
C. Smurf attack
D. Ping of death
Which of the following are advantages of adopting a Single Sign On (SSO) system? (Choose two.)
A. A reduction in password fatigue for users.because they do not need to know multiple passwords when accessing multiple applications
B. A reduction in network and application monitoring since all recording will be completed at the SSO system
C. A reduction in system administration overhead since any user login problems can be resolved at the SSO system.D. A reduction in overall risk to the system since network and application attacks can only happen at the SSO point
Answer: A,C 
An.ethical hacker for a large security research firm performs penetration tests, vulnerability tests, and risk assessments. A friend.recently started.a company and asks the hacker to perform a penetration test and vulnerability assessment of the new company as a favor..What should the hacker’s next step be before starting work on this job?
A. Start by foot printing the network and mapping out a plan of attack.
B. Ask the employer for.authorization to perform the work outside the company.
C. Begin the reconnaissance phase with passive information gathering and then move into active information gathering.
D. Use social engineering techniques on the friend’s employees to help identify areas that may be susceptible to attack.
A intends to use Blackberry for corporate mobile phones and a security analyst is assigned to evaluate the possible threats. The analyst will use the Blackjacking attack method to demonstrate how an attacker could circumvent perimeter defenses and gain access to the.corporate network. What tool should the analyst use to perform a Blackjacking attack?
A. Paros Proxy
B. BBProxy
C. BBCrack
D. Blooover

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