Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 351-360

A security administrator notices that the log file of the company`s webserver contains suspicious entries:
Based on source code analysis, the analyst concludes that the login.php script is vulnerable to
A. command injection.
B. SQL injection.
C. directory traversal.
D. LDAP injection.
Which of the following is a detective control?
A. Smart card authentication
B. Security policy
C. Audit trail
D. Continuity of operations plan
A penetration tester is attempting to scan an internal corporate network from the internet without alerting the border sensor. Which is the most efficient technique should the tester consider using?
A. Spoofing an IP address
B. Tunneling scan over SSH
C. Tunneling over high port numbers
D. Scanning using fragmented IP packets
A circuit level gateway works at which of the following layers of the OSI Model?
A. Layer 5 – Application
B. Layer 4 Ƀ TCP
C. Layer 3 Ƀ Internet protocol
D. Layer 2 Ƀ Data link
Which of the following lists are valid data-gathering activities associated with a risk assessment?
A. Threat identification,vulnerability identification,control analysis
B. Threat identification,response identification,mitigation identification
C. Attack profile,defense profile,loss profile
D. System profile,vulnerability identification,security determination
A network security administrator is worried about potential man-in-the-middle attacks.when.users access a corporate web site from their workstations. Which of the following is against this type of attack?
A. Implementing server-side PKI certificates for all connections
B. Mandating only client-side PKI certificates for all connections
C. Requiring client and server PKI certificates for all connections
D. Requiring strong authentication for all DNS queries
Which command line switch would be used in.NMAP to perform operating system detection?
A. -OS
B. -sO
C. -sP
D. -O
Bluetooth uses which digital modulation technique to exchange information between paired devices?
A. PSK (phase-shift keying)
B. FSK (frequency-shift keying)
C. ASK (amplitude-shift keying)
D. QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)
A security consultant decides to use multiple layers of anti-virus defense, such as end user desktop anti-virus and E-mail gateway..This approach can be used to mitigate which kind of attack?
A. Forensic attack
B. ARP spoofing attack
C. Social engineering attack
D. Scanning attack
A security policy will be more accepted by employees if it is consistent and has the support of A. coworkers.
B. executive management.
C. the security officer.
D. a supervisor.

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