Latest ECCouncil 312-50v8 Real Exam Download 301-310

Employees in a company are no longer able to access Internet web sites on their computers. The network administrator is able to successfully ping IP address of web servers on the Internet and is able to open web sites by using an IP address in place of the URL..The administrator runs the nslookup command for and receives an error message stating there is no response from the server. What should the administrator do next?
A. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP ports 53 and UDP port 53.
B. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP ports 80 and UDP port 443.
C. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP port 53.
D. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP port 8080.
Which initial procedure should an ethical hacker perform after being brought into an organization?.
A. Begin security testing.
B. Turn over deliverables..
C. Sign a formal contract with non-disclosure.
D. Assess what the organization is trying to protect.
Which of the following guidelines or standards is associated with the credit card industry?
A. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology.(COBIT)
B. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
C. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
D. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
An attacker has captured.a target file that is encrypted with.public key cryptography. Which of the.attacks below is likely to be used to crack the target file?
A. Timing attack
B. Replay attack
C. Memory trade-off attack
D. Chosen plain-text attack
Which tool can be used to silently copy files from USB devices?
A. USB Grabber
B. USB Dumper
C. USB Sniffer
D. USB Snoopy
How can a rootkit bypass Windows 7 operating systemos kernel mode, code signing policy?
A. Defeating the scanner from detecting any code change at the kernel
B. Replacing patch system calls with its own version that hides the rootkit (attacker’s) actions
C. Performing common services for the application process and replacing real applications with fake ones
D. Attaching itself to the master boot record in a hard drive and changing the machine’s boot sequence/options
A bank stores and processes sensitive privacy information related to home loans..However, auditing has never been enabled on the system..What is the first step that the bank should take before.enabling.the audit feature?
A. Perform a vulnerability scan of the system.
B. Determine the impact of enabling the audit feature.
C. Perform a cost/benefit analysis of the audit feature.
D. Allocate funds for staffing of audit log review.
A consultant has been hired by the V.P. of a large financial organization to assess the company’s security posture..During the security testing, the consultant comes across child pornography on the V.P.’s computer..What is the consultant’s obligation to the financial organization?
A. Say nothing and continue with the security testing.
B. Stop work immediately and contact the authorities.
C. Delete the pornography,say nothing,and continue security testing.
D. Bring the discovery to the financial organization’s human resource department.
How is sniffing broadly categorized?
A. Active and passive
B. Broadcast and unicast
C. Unmanaged and.managed
D. Filtered and unfiltered
An engineer is learning to write exploits in C++ and is using.the exploit tool Backtrack. The engineer wants to compile the newest C++ exploit and name it calc.exe. Which command would the engineer use to accomplish this?
A. g++ hackersExploit.cpp -o calc.exe
B. g++ -o calc.exe
C. g++ -i -o calc.exe
D. g++ –compile Ƀi hackersExploit.cpp -o calc.exe

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