[wig] WebApp Information Gatherer (Identify CMS)

wig is a Python tool that identifies a websites CMS by searching for fingerprints of static files and extracting version numbers from known files.
OS identification is done by using the value of the ‘server’ and ‘X-Powered-By’ in the response header. These values are compared to a database of which package versions are include with different operating systems.
The version detection is based on md5 checksums of statics files, regex and string matching. OS detection is based on headers and packages listed in the ‘server’ header. There’s a quite large database of package versions included in common linux distros.
The author uses scripts to automatically update the md5 checksums for new versions of open source CMS the the tool is capable to detecting. This one of the main advantages over BlindElephant and WhatWeb.
There are currently three profiles for wig:
  1. Only send one request: wig only sends a request for ‘/’. All fingerprints matching this url are tested.
  2. Only send one request per plugin: The url used in most fingerprints is used
  3. All fingerprints: All fingerprints are tested

Help screen:

# wig.py --help
usage: wig.py [-h] [-v] [-p {1,2,4}] host

WebApp Information Gatherer

positional arguments:
host the host name of the target

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v list all the urls where matches have been found
-p {1,2,4} select a profile: 1) Make only one request - 2) Make one request
per plugin - 4) All

Example of run:

# python3 wig.py www.example.com

CMS Drupal CMS: [7.25, 7.24, 7.26, 7.23, 7.22]
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server: [2008 R2]
Server Info Microsoft-IIS: [7.5, 6.0]
Time: 18.0 sec | Plugins: 65 | Urls: 324 | Fingerprints: 14178

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