[TYFYP] Massive Telnet Password Tester

Commercial name: TYFYP (Thank you for your password), to the honor of ADTRAN telnet banner motd welcome message.
Please use it ONLY in LAN IPs. This is a very rudimentary program only for investigation purposes. Developed on Retina Display machine, so there may be UI errors in normal resolution screens.


  • Windows.
  • .NET Framework v4.5


  • Open TYFYP.exe or complile it in Visual Studio.
  • Select a .txt file with IPs list you want to try.
  • Write a default telnet username, password and enable password.
  • Click “Run”.


  • Check IP by IP telnet username and password.
  • If there is a connection, it will try enable password.
  • You will see green lines in case of successful connection, red lines if not.
  • Clear red lines means there wasn’t telnet service listening (or your network connection fails).


  • Be able to read telnet user, password and enable password directly from IP list txt. This will allow to try multiples password for each IP.
  • Make it multi-threading.

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