[flunym0us] Vulnerability Scanner for WordPress and Moodle

Flunym0us is a Vulnerability Scanner for WordPress and Moodle designed by Flu Project Team.
Flunym0us has been developed in Python. Flunym0us performs dictionary attacks against Web sites. By default, Flunym0us includes a dictionary for WordPress and other for Moodle.


Flunym0us requires python.
Arguments allowed:

-h, –help: Show this help message and exit

-wp, –wordpress: Scan WordPress site

-mo, –moodle: Scan Moodle site

-H HOST, –host HOST: Website to be scanned

-w WORDLIST, –wordlist WORDLIST: Path to the wordlist to use

-t TIMEOUT, –timeout TIMEOUT: Connection timeout

-r RETRIES, –retries RETRIES: Connection retries

-p PROCESS, –process PROCESS: Number of process to use

-T THREADS, –threads THREADS: Number of threads (per process) to use


Flunym0us is distributed under the terms of GPLv3 license
ChangeLog 1.0:

[+] Search WordPress Plugins

[+] Search Moodle Extensions

ChangeLog 2.0:

[+] http user-agent hijacking

[+] http referer hijacking

[+] Search WordPress Version

[+] Search WordPress Latest Version

[+] Search Version of WordPress Plugins

[+] Search Latest Version of WordPress Plugins

[+] Search Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities

[+] Search WordPress Authors  

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