[Exploit Pack] The most advanced and easy to use tool for pentesters

Exploit Pack is an open source GPLv3 licensed bundle of scripts ( known as exploits ) with an easy to use GUI and a SID IDE. It’s built on JAVA and Python, which means it’s easy to customize and works very nicely on any device. Like every software that has an open source license you can patch, extend or add your own ideas to it. Just checkout the code and go for it. This tool was made thinking on the end-user, it’s not going to replace any other security tool on the market, but it’s for sure a must-have for every security enthusiast, researcher or paranoid user.

It’s easy to use

Not a security savvy but wanna IDDQD?

Hello script kiddie. Don’t you worry, you can always use this tool without reading any kind of documentation. But shame on you.

Multi OS support

No matter which platform you like.

It was developed thinking on multi platform support by default for x86 but it will run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.

IDE for Exploit Dev’s

Start coding your own exploits.

A must-have for effective exploit development, extend or add more features and include your own exploit codes. 

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