[Tundeep v0.2a] Layer 2 VPN/Injection tool

Tundeep is a layer 2 VPN/injection tool that resides [almost] entirely in user space on the victim aside from the pcap requirement. This can be handled via a silent install however. The tool will build on Linux and Windows victims. Windows compilation is achieved using Cygwin. The attacker must be a Linux machine however as kernel TUN/TAP support is required. It works just fine on Backtrack/Kali.
The purpose of the tool is to allow an attacker to tunnel through a network at layer 2. A TAP interface will be brought up on the attackers machine for each level of the network allowing direct interaction with hosts on the network segment through a compromised victim.

– IPv6 support (-6, -T)
– Compression support (-C) – must be enabled on both sides
– Better error checking and debugging
– Misc bug fixes and code improvements
– Makefile improvements to detect Cygwin/Linux without manual edits
– README updates
– Added default checksum feature (-K disables) – added overhead, improved reliability.

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