[PoshSec Framework v0.2] Graphical Interface for Powershell scripts

The PoshSec Framework is a tool that is designed to provide a graphical interface for powershell scripts, functions, modules, and cmdlets.

It allows the community to write scripts that can interact with the interface by providing alerts, and output directly from their powershell scripts. This framework can be used for offensive, defensive, or simply system administrative tasks.
The PoshSec Framework is not merely a defense tool. It can be used for offense, defense, and even system administration. The whole idea is to give people a tool for powershell that isn’t just a command line. The roadmap is to add graphs, a dashboard, scheduling, reporting, etc. This is a very active project and I encourage you to download it and see what it can do for you. The sky is the limit. This project is not the sum of it’s code. It’s the sum of what the community wants to invest into it.
PoshSec video

Read more here about PoshSec

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