[THC-Hydra v7.5] Fast network logon cracker


        * Moved the license from GPLv3 to AGPLv3 (see LICENSE file)
        * Added module for Asterisk Call Manager
        * Added support for Android where some functions are not available
        * hydra main:
           – reduced the screen output if run without -h, full screen with -h
           – fix for ipv6 and port parsing with service://[ipv6address]:port/OPTIONS
           – fixed -o output (thanks to www417)
           – warning if HYDRA_PROXY is defined but the module does not use it
           – fixed an issue with large input files and long entries

        * hydra library:
           – SSL connections are now fixed to SSLv3 as some SSL servers fail otherwise, report if this gives you problems
           – removed support for old OPENSSL libraries
        * HTTP Form module:
           – login and password values are now encoded if special characters are present
           – ^USER^ and ^PASS^ are now also supported in H= header values
           – if you the colon as a value in your option string, you can now escape it with : – but do not encode a with
        * Mysql module: protocol 10 is now supported
        * SMTP, POP3, IMAP modules: Disabled the TLS in default. TLS must now be defined as an option “TLS” if required. This increases performance.
        * Cisco module: fixed a small bug (thanks to Vitaly McLain)
        * Postgres module: libraries on Cygwin are buggy at the moment, module is therefore disabled on Cygwin

 You can also take a look at the full CHANGES file

Download THC-Hydra v7.5

1. The source code of state-of-the-art Hydra: hydra-7.5.tar.gz
    (compiles on all UNIX based platforms – even MacOS X, Cygwin on Windows, ARM-Linux, Android, etc.)

 2. The source code of the stable tree of Hydra ONLY in case v7 gives you problems on unusual and old platforms: hydra-5.9.1-src.tar.gz

 3. The Win32/Cywin binary release: — not anymore —
    Install cygwin from http://www.cygwin.com  and compile it yourself. If you do not have cygwin installed – how do you think you will do proper securiy testing? duh …

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