[L517] Simple WordList Generator for Windows

L517 is a word-list generator for the Windows Operating System.
I wrote L517 to be the only word-list generator and editor I would ever need. L517 is small (considering what it does), it is fast (considering it’s a Windows app), and it is lightweight (when not loading astronomically large lists). A user-friendly GUI requires no memorization of command-line arguments!
L517 contains hundreds of options for generating a large, personalized, and/or generic wordlist. With L517, you can generate phone numbers, dates, or every possible password with only a few clicks of the keyboard; all the while, filtering unwanted passwords. 


  • v0.8 : Language support for French, German, and Spanish; available in HELP menu.
  • v0.7 : Customizable ‘leetspeak’ case mutations.
  • v0.6 : Paste (Ctrl+V) in the EDIT menu; various bug fixes.
  • v0.5 : Corrected case bugs.
  • v0.4 : Fixed RICHTX32.OCX error; Removed RichTextControl from project — replaced with built-in Microsoft Word API’s for .doc files.
  • v0.3 : New ‘phone number’ generation option; Generate based on charset; Two new cases; Split files every # of items.
  • v0.2 : ‘Analyzer’ option; Fixed bugs; More help documentation.
  • v0.1 : First public release

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